Interview with Marnie Swedberg
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marnie Swedberg of interviewed me this week for Blog Talk Radio. Listen to discover:
  • An easy way to break into the children’s book market
  • How to promote your books all year long
  • The secret to selling over 4 million books
  • The importance of finding a new way to share a tired topic
  • How to overcome fear and step out of your comfort zone and write in a category/genre you’ve never written before
  • The importance of remaining teachable so you’ll continue to grow and learn new skills
  • The value of learning from those who are better than you
  • How to be the professional publishers, businesspeople, media folks and conference directors want to work with
  • The secret to enjoying the journey on the way to where you’re going
  • Why you can be good at lots of things, but you can only be great at a few.
Click here to listen.