Listen & Watch

Michelle loves encouraging others to live victoriously through the Word of God and walk in their God-given destinies. She is happy to speak at your next community event, writers conference, women’s ministry happening or church gathering.  Here are a few samples of her teaching.

Get A New Hannah-tude
In this session, Michelle encourages  women to trust God even when it looks like He has forgotten about them and their dreams. Drawing on the story of Hannah, she shares how God’s best and biggest blessings sometimes take a little longer but they are always worth the wait. (44m:17s, 62Mb)

Make Your Words Work for You!
In this powerful teaching, Michelle shares the importance of speaking faith-filled words. She says, “Whether or not you know it, you are the prophet of your own life. You don’t need to call the psychic hotline to find out what the future holds (You better not be doing that anyway); just listen to what you’re saying and that’s what you’ll be living before long. That’s just how it works, and that’s how it’s been since the beginning of time. God could have formed the world in so many different ways, but He chose to SPEAK it into existence. It’s God’s mode of operation…” (41m:23s, 58Mb)

Water through the Word!
Radio Host and Bible Teacher Erin Campbell interviews Michelle about dealing with fear and following God even when you don’t understand why things are happening in your life. Listen as these women of God share their hearts, encouraging others to trust in God, too. (28m:27s, 40Mb)