When I started writing books for children, I remember being so excited to dedicate those board books and picture books to my sweet baby girls, Abby and Ally. I praised the Lord for His faithfulness and whispered, “I don’t think it can get any better than this.”

I was wrong.

We are babysitting for Bear & Bo-Riley right now, and as I was looking for a bedtime story to read last night, I saw this—many of the books I’ve written on their bookshelf. (One of Pk Hallinan’s books, too!!)

It brought me to tears. I’ve always loved to write. But to be privileged enough to write books that my grandkids now read?! That’s above and beyond. You see, we serve an above and beyond kind of God. ❤

Keep dreaming and keep pursuing those dreams! But most importantly, keep pursuing the Dream Maker. God will do above and beyond in your life, too. You can trust Him with every single dream in your heart. After all, He put them there.