Platinum Faith
They Call Me Mom
Cuddle-Up Prayers
I Love You…Bigger Than the Sky
What is Christmas?
What is America?
What is Easter?
What is Halloween?
What is Thanksgiving?
God Is Always With You
God Keeps You Safe
God Loves You
God Knows You
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Happy Birthday to You!
Hooray for Easter!
How Much Does God Love You?
My Big Book of Prayers
My First Day of School
Trunk or Treat!
Why I Love You, God
Why I Praise You, God
Why I Thank You, God
Why I Trust You, God
C is for Christmas (Hard Cover)
C is for Christmas (Paperback)
Counting Cows
Dinosaur Devotions
I Love You the Mostest
I Will Not Be Afraid
I Will Not Be Afraid (Spanish)
Conversations on the Ark
Ha! Ha! Halloween
Little Colt’s Palm Sunday
The Shepherds Shook in Their Shoes
The Little Angel Gets a Big Job
The Sparrow’s Easter Song
Sister for Sale
31 Days with God for Mothers (2013)
31 Days with God for Mothers (2014)
Fabulous & Focused
Daily Wisdom for Mothers
Daily Wisdom for Mothers (Spanish)
Daily Wisdom for Women (2016)
Daily Wisdom for Working Women (Paperback)
Daily Wisdom for Working Women (Hardcover)
Divine Stories of the Yahweh Sisterhood
Encouragement and Hope for a Woman’s Heart
Encouraging Words for Mothers
Encouraging Words for Mothers (Morning & Evening)
Heartwarming Thoughts for Moms
Heavenly Humor for the Dieter’s Soul
Heavenly Humor for the Teacher’s Soul
Heavenly Humor for the Woman’s Soul
Just Breathe
Latte for Life
Let the Earth Rejoice
Little Blessings from a Big God
Little Whispers of Blessing for Moms
Living the Love Chapter
Love & Care for the One and Only You
Secrets of Beauty
Secrets of Happiness
Secrets of Happiness
Shared Blessings
Shared Encouragement
Shared Friendship
So God Made a Dog
The Godly Business Woman
When Chocolate Isn’t Enough
Whispering in God’s Ear
Whispers of Wisdom for Women
Wonderfully Made
Words to Cheer Your Heart
Bible Story Color ‘n’ Learn
The Story of Jesus Activity Book
The Story of Noah Activity Book
My Funny Valentine
Brandi Chastain
Care for a Puppy
Cliff Lee
Jamie Lynn Spears
Jessica Simpson
Katy Perry
Kenny Chesney
Tim McGraw
The Life and Times of Cleopatra
Jesus Visits Mary and Martha
One Boy, One Stone, One God
Samson, Strong and Faithful
Memories of the Manger
Get Your Spirit On!
God Hearts Me
No Boys Allowed
Young Believer Case Files
Writing Right to Success
Zumba Fitness
The Perfect Persimmon
365 Days of Encouragement for the Workplace
A Lady’s Day Out in the Texas Hill Country
Shared Blessings: Devotional Journal
Little Lessons from a Big God
Daily Grace for Teens
Writing & Selling Children’s Books in the Christian Market
Puppy Dog Devotions
I Love You to the Sun and Beyond
Dachshund Through the Snow
Heart of a Hoosier
Fly High
All God’s Creatures
Springtime for Your Spirit
Devotions for Becoming a Beautiful Woman of God
Our God is Bigger Than That
Fly High (Faith Version)
Love Connects Us All
The Christmas Devotional
Aging Fabulously