Springtime for Your Spirit

90 Devotions of Hope, Joy & New Beginnings

Whether you’re looking for those first signs of new life to burst through the soil, hunting Easter eggs with the kiddos, or seeking a closer relationship with Jesus, it seems we’re all searching for something to bring us hope, joy, and a new beginning. That’s why Springtime For Your Spirit: 90 Devotions of Hope, Joy, and New Beginnings is the perfect devotional for such a special season. Award-winning authors Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp have carefully woven biblical lessons into holidays and happenings that we experience only during spring, such as:

  • MLB Spring Training
  • Lent
  • Easter
  • Spring Storm Season
  • Spring Pancake Festival
  • Spring Planting
  • Mother’s Day

Each devotion not only features an inspirational teaching and quote, but also, it gives readers the opportunity to: Plant the WordWork the Word, Pray the Word, and learn more through a Did You Know? feature.

We challenge you to search the pages of this devotional and experience the sweetness of this sacred season. Your beautiful new beginning awaits. . . .

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About the Book

Guaranteed to breathe new life into your walk with God, this 90-day devotional—with entries for March, April, and May—will reawaken your spirit through famous quotes, inspirational readings, meaningful prayers, and targeted scriptures.

Springtime for Your Spirit is a finalist in the 2022 Christian Market Book Awards by AWSA.

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Tags: For Women, New Releases
Publisher: Good Books
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Hardcover
Length: 272 pages
ASIN: 1680997750
ISBN: 1680997750
List Price: 24.99
eBook Price: 16.99
“Devotions of Springtime are for the dark days of winter as we long for spring. Through prayer, scripture, and, action this book will guide you to the spring joy in the colorful pictures. A reminder we are never alone and hope will not fail us.”
"Oh, the joy of that first fluffy snowfall as we're cuddled with a cup of hot coco beside a crackling fireplace. Yet after the second and the third, how we begin to dread the slush and the mush and that darkened wintery season. But remember springtime is right around the corner. In Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp’s new book, Springtime For Your Spirit, it is your breath of fresh air. Within their ninety inspired devotions, you will discover how to plant the Word in your heart, how to pray the word in your life, and how to work the Word in whatever circumstance you are facing."
"We are inundated with the tragedy, division, and brokenness of this world on a daily basis. Michelle and Andy share from their faith and the Spirit how to put the media overkill away, step outside, and see the budding of Spring as a reminder that God is always doing something exciting and new. This book is a breath of fresh air. Read it and be filled with hope again."
“This perfect little devotional is ideal for personal and spiritual growth. There are priceless gems of encouragements and nuggets of knowledge in these 90 chapters.”
"What a refreshing devotional! Adams and Clapp have knocked it out of the park (pun intended—you'll catch on when you read)! Their inspiring stories, thought-provoking words, and call-to-action suggestions awaken the senses to the newness and beauty of springtime and heightens an appreciation of the Almighty Creator God. If you're in a season of drought, let this book be springtime showers to nourish your dry soul. And if you're in a season of fruitfulness, allow this devotional to remind you of God's goodness and love. I highly recommend Springtime For Your Spirit!"
“Springtime is full of newness, life, and joy. Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp capture the wonderment of the season in this encouraging, uplifting, and hope-filled book.”
"As I read Springtime for Your Spirit, I am drawn immediately into the delightful reminders of God's promise of Spring. Michelle and Andy have crafted a devotional that is not only practical but also applicable with its special sections to plant, pray, and work the Word. The beautiful layout complemented by full-color photography is icing on the cake! Order your copy today and reap the benefits of the encouragement found among the pages of this timely title."
"A work of pure delight, not only for the soul, but for the senses."
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