Available Workshops

Michelle shares how each person has something unique to say to the world—that there’s “a writer” in all of us just waiting to be expressed. The Bible tells us to write the vision… have you done that? Is your faith stirred up? Are you pressing toward the finish line, walking in your calling, running your race? God has called you to do something that no one else can do the same, special way that you can. That’s why He called you. So, write that vision and lace up your tennis shoes. The race is on!

In this inspirational talk, Michelle encourages listeners to keep their eyes on the prize and trust that God is at work behind the scenes—just like the wind. Michelle draws upon the favorite Bible story of Noah’s Ark to uncover some special promises that God has for us as His children—promises that will keep us steadfast in the midst of long boat rides and terrible storms in life.

In this touching talk, Michelle shares about discovering how much her Heavenly Father loved her after the death of her own earthly father. This talk is especially good for those who struggle with accepting the love of the Father. Listeners will walk away with an overwhelming sense of love straight from the throne of God.

In this inspiring talk, Michelle urges listeners to leave the past in the past at last and move toward the destiny that God has for them. Why look back when God has such an amazing plan ahead of you?

In this teaching, Michelle challenges listeners to evaluate their own faith in God. She asks the question, “Do you love and trust God all the time or only when your prayers are answered in the way you want them to be answered?”

In this exciting and encouraging session, Michelle urges listeners to hang onto their dreams and feel good about the waiting times in life. Like a musician counting beats until time to “blow his/her horn,” we have to keep our eyes on the Master Conductor.

When it seems like God has forsaken you. When it seems like He has forgotten you. That’s the time to hold on. Your miracle is on its way! In this session, Michelle will encourage listeners to stand strong on the Word of God and hold on for their miracle.

In this inspirational talk, Michelle encourages listeners to walk in divine favor—the favor that is promised to all believers in God’s precious Word.

The Bible tells us that in this world, we’ll have trouble. So, why are we so surprised when we encounter everyday aggravations? In this session, Michelle will stir up your faith to stand strong, trust God and push through the small aggravations and big battles. God cares about every one—small and big.

Michelle speaks at Famliy Church, 7/23/23