What is America?

In this engaging look at America, Michelle Medlock Adams introduces little ones to the beliefs and ideals that make America unique. Heartfelt and humorous questions ponder all of the things that America might be about—the flag, the Fourth of July, the Statue of Liberty. Readers quickly learn that America is about more than symbols and monuments. It's a land of freedom and democracy where dreams come true.

Whimsical artwork and rhyming verse will capture children's imaginations as they explore what America means to them.

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About the Book

Little learners can discover the symbols, values, and beliefs that make America so great with this patriotic follow-up to best-selling board books What Is Christmas? and What Is Easter? For preschool and up (2-5 years).

What is America? has received the following acknowledgments:

  • Finalist in the Cascades Awards, 2020
  • Selah Award Finalist for Best Children’s Book, 2020

The “What is?” series also received “The Gold” for First Place in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Best Nonfiction Book Series category, 2019.


Series: What is __ ? Series
Tags: Board Books, New Releases
Publisher: WorthyKids
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Board book
Length: 22 pages
Illustrator: Amy Wummer
ASIN: 0824916956
ISBN: 0824916956
List Price: 6.99
“At a time when vitriol dominates our political dialogue, what a great book this is. A simple sentiment, with a message that all will love, in a language that kids will understand. I am excited to share this with my children and see the discussion that unfolds.”
"What is America? accentuates the core values of our exceptional nation and, through engaging words and pictures, inspires hope in the American dream. Well done.”
“Michelle Medlock Adams brings fresh perspective to a topic so many have taken for granted and devalued during these politically charged days. Ingeniously taking readers back to our nation’s roots, Michelle invites both children and adults into a unique learning experience, facilitating facts as questions to ponder, discover, and rediscover the joys of being an American. This book is a must read!”
“As a military wife I have so much respect and love for this country. What is America beautifully details the wonderful aspects of this great nation. This is a must-read for every patriotic US citizen. May God bless America.”
“What is America? Celebrates all the greatness she has to offer. This is a must-read to every young American as they learn and grow as a patriot.”
“With this book, author Michelle Medlock Adams captures the essence of what it means to be an American. She highlights our rich heritage in a vibrant story that engages and entertains. A book that needs to be on every shelf and one I’ll give as a gift again and again.”
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