What is Easter?

An engaging introduction to the true meaning of Easter. Michelle Medlock Adams' warm, humorous text lists all of the things that Easter might be about, only to conclude that it is truly about celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, our Savior. Through the whimsical art and rhyming, fun-to-read verse, even the youngest child will come to understand what Easter is.

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About the Book

Part of the best-selling “What is…?” series. Now in a new, convenient size. For preschool and up (2-6 years).

The “What is…?” series earned “The Gold” for First Place in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Best Nonfiction Book Series category, 2019.

Series: What is __ ? Series
Tag: Board Books
Publisher: WorthyKids
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Board book
Length: 24 pages
Illustrator: Amy Wummer
ASIN: 0824918789
ISBN: 0824918789
List Price: 6.99
I liked it because it does not cast normal Easter activities in a bad light (i.e. Easter Eggs, Easter bunny, etc), but puts them in context. In this book secular celebrations do have a place, but they do not replace the religious context! I thought it was a great message for little ones! I would highly recommend this book!
My kids loved it because it shows that we can like the bunnies, chicks and eggs but still remember the true meaning of this day.
This is so great. We have these for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Perfect balance between saying that the commercial side of these holidays is okay, but explains the Christian aspects of these holidays so well. Great books!
This Easter book is great. It covers a lot of beloved things like Easter eggs with jelly beans inside and chocolate bunnies, but it also clearly and rhythmically reveals what Easter is truly about- Jesus. Gods son and how he died and rose three days latter. This book is written beautifully and is very accessible to children as young as 1 to about 8.
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