The Life and Times of Cleopatra

Biography from Ancient Civilizations

Cleopatra was a diva in every sense of the word. She used her charm and cunning wit to mesmerize some of the most powerful men in the ancient world. From Julius Caesar to Marc Antony, men adored her and women wanted to be her. She was born into royalty, but she had to fight for her throne every single day that she lived. A teen queen at 18, she learned quickly that being a female pharaoh wasn't an easy task. In this book, you'll discover how beauty and brains made Cleopatra a woman to be reckoned with, as well as an important part of history.

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About the Book

Life and Times of Cleopatra is part of the Biography from Ancient Civilizations series by Mitchell Lane. It is in a convenient library binding, perfect for schools as well as homeschools.

Tags: Library Binding, Tween to Young Adult
Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers
Publication Year: 2005
Format: Library Binding
Length: 48 pages
ASIN: 1584153350
ISBN: 1584153350
List Price: 17.95
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