The Perfect Persimmon

History, Recipes, and More

Whether served in a batch of cookies or in a soup bowl, the persimmon is a favorite fruit of Midwesterners. Called the "divine fruit" or the "fruit of the gods," persimmons range from the American common persimmon, perfect for every kind of dessert, to Fuyu persimmons, a variety from China that has since won many hearts.

In The Perfect Persimmon, award-winning journalist Michelle Medlock Adams serves up persimmon expertise, from knowing when the fruit is at its ripest to sharing the best preparation techniques. Adams hails from the birthplace of the Lawrence County, Indiana, Persimmon Festival, where the Midwest’s best-kept secret, persimmon pudding, has people flocking toward what some consider the persimmon capital of the world.

Armed with a love of persimmons that has been nurtured from a young age, Adams has collected the best persimmon recipes, guaranteed to satisfy any hankering for the savory or the sweet. Accompanying these recipes are personal anecdotes detailing childhood memories and folktales about greedy possums, wise turtles, and the persimmon seed’s ability to predict winter forecasts, providing a colorful context for this favored fruit.

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About the Book

More than a cookbook, The Perfect Persimmon provides plenty of history, lore, and personal stories, making for a delightful read.

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The Perfect Persimmon has received the following awards and acknowledgments:

  • First Place Royal Dragonfly Book Award in the Cookbook category, 2020
  • First Place Best Book Award in the Regional Cookbooks category, 2020

Tags: For Women, New Releases
Publisher: Red Lightning Books
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Hardcover
Length: 144 pages
ASIN: 1684351111
ISBN: 1684351111
List Price: 17.99
eBook Price: 9.99
"The Perfect Persimmon is full of yummy recipes, spiced with historical references, topped with small-time charm, and sprinkled with Michelle's signature style. What a delight!"
– Ashley L. Jones, author of Modern Cast Iron
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