The sunlight poured in through the window, warming the frigid hospital room and making the day a little more bearable. Mom’s skin seemed to glisten in the afternoon sun. At age 77, even though the cancer had taken its toll on her body, her skin was gloriously radiant.

“I hope I age that well,” I thought.

As I held her hand, I studied its markings, tracing each and every vein—some of them bruised and sunken from the frequent IVs.

“I have my mother’s hands,” I thought.

Gently, I smoothed lavender moisturizer over Mom’s thin arms and across her chest, feeling her heart beating slow and steady. I held my hand there for just a moment, so thankful she still had life in her, and so thankful for the life she had already lived. As I gazed at my Mom’s precious face, I whispered, “Mom, I definitely have your hands…I wish I had your faith.”

Mom moved to heaven on May 3, 2006, leaving behind a wonderful legacy of love and faith. My sister and I often talk about Mom—especially this time of year—the anniversary of her death (May 3), Mother’s Day (May 8th this year), and her birthday (May 11).

We laugh about the times Mom got lost driving her Cadillac around the country, trying to navigate without any sense of direction. (I inherited that from her, as well.) We share about how Mom made each of her children feel like her very favorite person in the whole world. And we still marvel over our Mom’s ability to go through good and bad situations with grace, dignity, joy, and an unwavering faithfulness to the Lord. Her life truly was a journey of faith. defines faithfulness as, “The quality of being full of faith,” and my Mother certainly was. Her heart overflowed with it, inspiring all who knew her.

As I glance down at my hands typing this blog today, I once again see my Mom’s hands. I only hope that one day people will look at me and see more than just my mother’s physical characteristics—I want them to see my mother’s faith which came straight from the Heavenly Father’s heart. How is your faith today? I hope you are leaving a legacy of faith for your family, and I pray that you are surrounded by God’s love this season.

I know this Mother’s Day week is tough for those who have lost their moms. It’s also difficult for those who are experiencing infertility, and heartbreaking for those mamas mourning the loss of their babies. Maybe you fall into one of those categories, or maybe you’re sad because you’ll be spending Mother’s Day apart from your children due to limited COVID travel. Whatever your situation, just know that you’re not alone, and God has not forgotten you. He loves you with an everlasting love, and He has provided you with all of the faith you’ll ever need to go through any storm.  Take the Father’s hand today and let Him lead you and love on you.

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends. Sending your virtual hugs.