I love sharing my children’s books at schools across the country. This past year, I had the privilege of reading my Christmas picture book, “Dachshund Through the Snow” to several elementary classes the week before the holiday break.  There’s a part in my book where Crosby, the littlest dachshund in all of Diggityville, is bullied because of his tiny stature. I always stop after that scene and ask, “Have any of you ever been bullied?” Unfortunately, far too many hands go up after I ask that question, and this particular day was no different.

I had just finished reading the final page when the bell rang, and the students began lining up to return to their classrooms, except for one little girl. She hung back and inched her way toward my book table.

“Mrs. Adams, I was bullied… because I don’t have a mom,” the little girl said in a shaky voice.

I knelt down and hugged her.

“Honey, I’m so sorry that happened to you, but you know what? You are so loved by your dad, and you are also loved by God! That’s a lot of love, isn’t it?”

She nodded her head and gave me a little smile before rejoining her classmates.

As I waved goodbye to the students, I prayed that God would heal that little girl’s heart, and I thanked Him for allowing me to be there that day.

That encounter was confirmation that God had truly given me the words for my upcoming picture book, “Love Connects Us All”—a book featuring all different kinds of families with the overall message that each one of us is a part of God’s big, beautiful family.

I wrote this book because I wanted all children—like the little girl who came from a single-parent household—to find themselves in the pages of my book and celebrate their special families.

Two verses of “Love Connects Us All” says:


“I’m thankful for my family—

this one that God designed.

My family might be different,

but it’s my favorite kind.”

“And there is more to praise Him for—

I’m in God’s family, too!

I am a precious child of God.

And guess what? So are you!”

            The book with a special prayer: “Thank You, God, for my family. It’s not like any other family—that’s what makes it so special! I am so grateful for the love we share. And I’m so thankful because I’m in Your family, God. Amen.”

Our words, whether written for children or adults, hold great power. They can encourage, empower, educate, and comfort our readers. They can bring much-needed laughter, and they can provide a temporary escape into the world of story. As Christian writers, we can make a difference, and just knowing that fact, should drive us to put in the hours studying the craft, learning the market, revising and rewriting, praying over every word, and promoting our books so they can go everyplace they were intended to go and do the work they were destined to do.

            I’m not saying that as Christian writers we are expected to have all the answers, but I am saying this—we know the One who does! He can help us help our readers! And it’s our privilege to hold the hands of our readers and walk them through these difficult situations.

Because love really does connect us all.