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Thanksgiving may be far behind us, but you don’t have to wait until November to thank God for all His goodness!

When my daughters were 3 and 4, it was difficult to find any time for myself. But I felt certain I was supposed to attend a women’s conference in a neighboring city, so I arranged for childcare and off I went. As I sat in that first session, I felt my heart pounding as the speaker’s words washed over me. The theme? “Have a Grateful Heart.” I realized as she spoke that I hadn’t been very grateful. Instead of praising God for the blessings in my life, I was focusing on the things I didn’t have. And it was ugly. I repented and asked God to change my heart. Then, in the second session, the speaker challenged us to do something every day to practice gratefulness. Her suggestion? Keep a “Journal of Gratitude.” As a writer, I loved the idea of journaling, so I began keeping a “Journal of Gratitude” that very day, and it changed my life.

It continues to do so.

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    1. Yes, it is but such an important lesson. I have been using my “Happy Planner” and writing down three things every day that I’m grateful for…it’s a gamechanger.