Restore Your Luster

Of all the white precious metals, platinum is my favorite because it’s the shiniest! Even platinum pieces that haven’t been cleaned in a long time maintain their luster better than silver and white gold. Do you know why? It’s because platinum doesn’t tarnish as heavily or as quickly as other metals; however, its surface can […]

Platinum Faith is Authentic

While researching for our new book, Platinum Faith (co-authored with Bethany Jett), I discovered that platinum is very hard to counterfeit because it’s so much harder, heavier and shinier than all of the other white metals. While you might be able to produce a pretty good “fake” piece of sterling silver or even white gold, […]

You Are Malleable

If we are to walk in platinum faith and accomplish everything God has for each one of us, we will have to spend some time on the Potter’s wheel. God doesn’t want us to stay the same because He has created us for big things! That’s why He allows us to go through difficult situations […]